Hidden Gems: Dixie National Forest: Red Canyon, Utah

Discovering Red Canyon:
Sometimes, when you travel, you run across things you never expected to find. Today, my brother and I were on our way to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, when we found ourselves driving through Dixie National Forest. There was a visitor’s center, and we had the dogs today (they’re allowed on the trails in National Forests), so, sticking with our “visitor’s center hopping” tradition, we made note to stop by on our way out; best decision of the day!

We stopped, got a map, and decided to take the Hoodoo Trail around to the left until it met up with the Pink Ledges Trail and followed that all the way back to the parking lot.

To finish our lovely morning off, we arrived back at the car and were sitting in the trunk eating lunch when it started to lightly rain. Summer perfection.

What You Need to Know:
Red Canyon (which exists along the 12, North-West of Bryce Canyon) isn’t a very big area in the vast space of the Dixie National Forest surrounding Bryce Canyon and Zion, but it’s beautiful like the Bryce Canyon area – same colors and hoodoos (red rock spires), and significantly quieter!

None of the “hiking-only” trails are very long, and there are biking, ATV, and horse trails as well.

One piece of advice: some of the trails are steep and most of them are rocky and dusty, so please go prepared! Happy adventuring!DSC_0626

Ben’s Two Cents:
This hike was pretty great, although there were a couple of steep places we had to scramble up. Be aware, there is red dirt everywhere! We came home with red feet and bellies and had to get bathed – yuck. Remember to bring lots of water along when you hike, both for you and your four legged furry!