Ben’s Two Cents: Pet safety for a happy Fourth of July!

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been awhile, but, for those of you in the US, Ben and I thought it was important to share some pet safety tips for the Fourth of July. It’s a quick read, so here is Ben’s two cents:

1) Fireworks are Scary
Please be aware that, for most animals, loud noises are not friendly. If you have a pet who doesn’t really care about loud sounds, you’re in the minority. Whether you realize it or not, your pet probably doesn’t love the sound of loud explosions any more than a small child might. It’s not actually ok, and they aren’t going to just get over it, because they don’t understand that it won’t hurt them. Exposure to fireworks isn’t your best answer either. This will likely intensify their fear instead of diminishing it.

2) Keep your pets inside (especially if you are going out)
Animals don’t feel safe around loud noises, so they are most likely to get as far away as they can. If your pet is left in a yard, they are going to find a way out. Confining your pet with a rope or chain is going to have the same affect that exposure will; you are likely to increase their level of fear and subsequently increase their motivation to escape. If your pet is an outdoor animal, please bring them inside for one night. Even the laundry room or wash room is safer than being chained outside for the night. Make sure that they have a safe space indoors. Favorites are always a good thing to leave with them (blankets, toys, etc.).

3) Consider leaving the television or music on during noisy times
I’m never sure if the dogs care, but if nothing else, it creates a sound buffer. Our houses are rarely sound proof, and, if you’re traveling, your hotel/camper/tent definitely won’t be. The extra sound helps buffer the sound of explosion and (in theory) tricks your pet into thinking the explosions are from something benign like the TV or radio. I have also seen pictures and videos of people putting noise canceling headphones on their dogs and playing music or videos through those. I don’t think my dogs would go for that, but you never know!

4) Know your pet!
You know your pet the best. If they’d be happier to sit next to you in the back of your car while you watch fireworks, even if they’re scared, do it. Look out for the best interest of your animal; they rely on you for safety and security. Keep them safe and spoil them for the remainder of the July holiday.


Have fun everyone! Happy Independence Day!