Hello! My name is Ashley Mescher (pronounced ‘mesh-er’…get it?) and I am so excited you’re here! It is a long standing saying in my family “you can’t travel with a Mescher without having an adventure.” “Adventure” is loosely translated to mean mishap, unexpected turn, or new discovery, so…welcome in to my adventures around the USA! My goal is simple: I want to explore as many corners as possible of this great country and give people an insider view on traveling it. I’m setting out with my wonderful service dog/best friend, Ben to see what we can find.

The posts may vary, but I hope to include my experiences, top things to do in various places, what the locals recommend, travel tips, and even some people spotlights as I meet people along the way! Every post will have a “Ben’s Two Cents” section to highlight an area from Ben (or any dog’s) point of view.

Come on in and join the adventure. Maybe you’ll even have one of your own…